Did you ever wish that you could simply go to one place to pick better products, that are cleaner without ingredients that are harmful? I have! This is why I have created this one-stop-shop and will be adding to it. So stay tuned.

Are you looking for some simple, handy kitchen gadgets to help you eat healthier and cleaner?

Below you will find:

  • Safer and more natural household cleaners, soaps, detergents

  • Safer kids shampoo and body wash

  • Clean nut milks without all of the additives and gums

  • Produce Wash

  • Kitchen Gadgets, Small Appliances, Kitchen Devices and Equipment to make cooking at home a breeze

  • Women’s Safer personal care products, including sunscreen, facial wash, moisturizer, deodorant and more

  • Check -in for more items

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List of Cleaner Products

Kids Personal Care Products

Clean Food Items

Elmhurst Unsweetened Nut Milks are the only ones that I can find that don’t contain any gums or emulsifiers. The unsweetened version only contains 2 ingredients. They are available in the following nut milks: Almond, Cashew, Haselnut and Walnut. Some uses include a creamer in coffee, tea, in cooking, with cereal or to drink. This is an alternative for cow’s milk, however it does not contain the equivalent of protein, nor calcium as cow’s milk.

Produce wash is used to reduce pesticide residue and remove wax or soil chemicals of of the produce.

Aroy -D is one of the coconut milk brands that does not contain any other ingredients, such as added gums.

Kitchen Gadgets and Small Appliances


Women’s Cleaner Personal Care Products and Skin Care

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.